Alembic UV Baker

Nick Rutlinh
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This script will help you bake UVs to your curves in Maya. Hopefully it makes it less of a pain in the a$$ for you now ;P Just copy this python file into your script editor and run it.

How to Use:

important! Make sure you optimize your groom as much as possible. Reduce cvs per strand and reduce density where you can. Maya is terrible with lots and lots of curves.

optional: Press the pause button in Maya (top toolbar) to stop viewport from drawing. This should help select the curves when you get there. Just make sure to ctrl select each curve and not the group.

1. Import your .abc file into the scene. Make sure Group is checked in the import settings.
2. Open AlembicUVBaker.
3. Click Export Directory and navigate to where you want to store the exported curves. Click Okay.
4. Add a Hair File Name by typing it in.
5. Select your UV mesh and click Set UV Mesh
6. Select your curves (not the group. I haven't fixed that yet.)
7. Click Bake UVs to Selected Curves.
8. Take off for the day since Maya hates tons of curves.
9. That's it! You should now have an abc file in the export directory that you can throw into Unreal.

6 ratings
  • A python script to assign uvs to curves

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  • A python script to assign uvs to curves
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Alembic UV Baker

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